Holidays don't have to be boring!

Experience the holidays with us!

Winter Frost

Enter a magical winter forest, and feel the arctic breeze.

A display surrounded by white manzanita branches, dripping with crystals, snow and Christmas ornaments, all lit in frosty blue lighting.

Cones For Days

Warm, cozy display full of warm fairy lights with hundreds of pinecones hanging overhead.

A mirror floor multiplies the effect and makes this into an infinite pinecone heaven.

Wrap It Up

When Christmas wrapping goes wrong… Or goes perfectly right!

Multiple textures and prints of holiday wrapping all over create a unique, over the top look that brings a twist to a holiday tradition.

Geo Love

A modern take on Christmas installations. 

A wave of hanging 3D geometrics hanging overhead, with Christmas lights weaved in between, spilling to the floor. 

Who said Christmas has to be traditional?

Crystal Pavilion

A fantasy room dripping with crystals.

Enter this infinity room and enjoy the gorgeous effect of being surrounded by hundreds of crystals with fairy lights and Christmas ornaments.

Beautiful, romantic and exciting all at the same time.

Heaven And Earth

Another unique modern take on Christmas.

Hollow geometric Christmas trees surround you from the ceiling down and from the floor up, with waterfalls of Christmas lights.

This display is an absolute heaven for the modern art lovers.

Candy Cane Lane

Let you crazy wild fantasies go to town!

If you have a sweet tooth, this Candy cane room is all you need! From floor to walls to ceiling, it is Candy Cane heaven! 


If you ever had to be stuck in a barn, and decorate for the holidays, this is  what it would look like!

Wooden pallet Christmas trees, hanging festoon lights, and Christmas ornaments make this a fun rustic Christmas experience!

Canadian Winter

Bringing the icy outback of Canada to life has never been more fun! 

Come and pose in a winter landscape full of white trees and some of our favorite winter deer and moose.

Not too shabby, eh???

Golden Age

For the lovers of anything excessive –

This room is a gold heaven with hand made Christmas trees , gold floor and gold walls, 

All lit up in shades of pink for additional drama.

Yes, please!!!!

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